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Great potential !!!!!

Note: im preferable cursor keys for movements !!! Thanks!


Couldn't beat the final boss, my experience with this game was awesome, I just feel the character could have a run or dodge key, but it's great game nonetheless


Really enjoyed this one. Bosses do drag a little once you figure out the pattern, but everything else is quite enjoyable. Well done!

Awesome Game! Great Work! 👍


Hey! My neighbor is making all those noise below, I guess I better to check on them. Well, something is munching on my neighbor and the shooting begins! A really nice 2d pixel horror game with great atmosphere! 

Really enjoyed this one. Gotta check out the rest of your games. The artwork is awesome and I love the gun reloading animations. You have a style all your own! 

great game great art and great combat in a small package

Awesome !

Fun game, good work.


Revenance is a really great throwback to classic survival horror. I really hope it gets finished because this has a ridiculous amount of potential. 

great game, wish there was a survival mode

The gaem is great, can't find the words to describe how much i enjoy it. Do you have  any plans about keeping it up? The concept has proven itself as a valid one perhaps it's its semplicity that makes it so apealing. If you need some volontary help i'd be glad to help.

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This game was AMAZING the mix of parts with silence and the moments with music matched really well to the situations building tension! Mixed with the disturbing environment and creatures made me uncomfortable (which is good!). Here's my playthrough if ya wanna see! Im definitely going to make more.

Really nice art! I enjoyed so much playing it :)

I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying this game, and that I appreciate all the effort that you put into making it. I hope you are staying safe, that life is treating you well, and that you keep doing what you enjoy.

The variation in the new content is amazing!

Thank you! ^^ Great playthrough!

What game engine did you use or did you make your own? Looking forward to the learning more about the story. Is it going to be a survival game like the first Resident evil games or Survivor the living dead?

Gamemaker 2 actually! Not too sure yet but probably more resi-evil like tbh ;D

That's awesome, for any true Res game please don't forget the green herbs! You've already taken the fun out of the up skirt ability.Jk

Monsters and gore nice combo, I like it

I tried the new Update, and it was absolutely amazing, keep making this game.

Survival Horror для русских пацанов

Amazing work You've got so much talent I can't wait for the full Game. Please let me know when the full release is out. :D

She wear no pant? And got a gun. Aight I'm in 

i hope soon you make this a full game like lone survivor, and more story maybe her robbing a clothing store to not be in her undies all the time

Great game!!! Caught. I'll play again. Is there an end ?

Not yet I'm afraid! Though for the boss you're suppose to kinda draw him to a spot and walk away when he lifts his hand, when you're at  a corner you can't  really escape! ^^

hi, i have a question. with which key do I save the game ? bc i want to, but idk how, thanks :)

pd: im sorry if i wrote somthing wrong, my english is not that good

You save when you interact with the save cat on the 6th floor, or in the elevator. Just press space on  any slot. :3

Great pixelated game, but is it a small version of the full game?
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You could say that, but it's closer to all there is rn. It's a work in progress, and I'm adding to it as I go. :D

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Ok, thank enemie girl haha

Keep Working On This! It's Really Really good! it"s not over complicated or hard. Also, I'm a gun nut and I was shocked when I first saw that reloading is realistic and you loose the ammo in that magazine. I was very impressed and happy about that! Keep up the good work!

Thanks! glad you liked that little detail! ^^

lovely silence, lovely pixel art, lovely cat

Thanks! ^^

Please let me know when the full release is out.

Will do! Thanks for playing! ;D

This was great! I can't wait for the full release. 

Ayy thanks! ^^

Just tried it out over on my channel! The music was amazingggg and I would definitely love a full version!

Thank you!^^ 

That was a fun watch! Thanks for playing! lol

I played a0.02, good. It's pretty good. keep it up!

Ayy Thanks!^^
Think I'll have an update soonish!