A downloadable game for Windows

A short point and click horror game for SCREAMWORLD game jam. 
Unfortunately not space themed. Game contains blood and gore that some may find disturbing.

(Quick update: Added visual hint to start of game to help player get used to controls.)
Made in Adventure Game Studios.


Mouse for all Actions.
Upper portion of screen shows all available actions(Also pauses game).
You can use the mouse wheel to scroll between actions aswell.
Alt+Enter to Exit full screen.
If you find the cursor is not working you may need to alt tab to 
another window and then back to the game.

Install instructions

Just download and play Affection.exe. If you go into Windows folder there is a winsetup.exe for additional options. The official exe is called SpaceGame.exe. To late to change it now lol!


Game.zip 4 MB

Development log


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THIS GAME IS VERY NICE! Greetings from Germany ^^

😱 I LOVE IT! <3

Very creepy and interesting game.

I played this game in my random 3 horror games video. Your game starts at 8:25. I really enjoyed this game I put my comments at the end of my video 

Happy Halloween! Your game begins at 48:00)

I have had the pleasure of playing another game of yours before ("Obsession"), and this earlier game surely did not disappoint. I am fast becoming a fan of your style, with slow buildups resulting in either an invitable outcome (as in Obsession) or a complete Shocking Swerve (like here). What a hellish situation to be in!

This game ended up inspiring me a fair bit for a futur little idea of mine, so thank you for that!

Sweet! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was a pleasure watching your playthrough. ;D

Interesting. I can't help but wonder if I missed anything. It seems like there is more to the story than what I saw... perhaps if I'd chosen different dialogue options? In any case, this was a neat point and click game, and the creature and implications at the end definitely gave it a sinister feeling!

Such a creapy game! Love it though!!

This is a pretty strange game.  Your game is the second one in this video.  


bad game

Oh, so THAT's why it's called Affection.

well this was something ! I definitely wanna stay single forever now :D

Gave it a go...

I see you have a lot of people playing this already. That's awesome, this game was really well made!


This was a very enjoyable playthrough. I am humbled by all the feedback. Although I don't think you should check out my other game though lmao.

I did look and I'm gonna go ahead and wait for the next one. Hah.

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Hm. :x

Very well put together game! Wonderful build up! Have to agree about adding music at least. Other then that this game is pretty solid! Awesome job! 

This is a great game! There are something I feel like are missing though. However I can see potential in a game like this! The story was pretty easy to understand and the mechanics was very simple. In addition, I really like how this game runs on my computer with no issues/lag (my computer is trash). Add more jumpscares, some background music (so it's not just silence most of the time...) and more other stuff I can't think of at the moment. And BAM! You've got yourself a popular horror game! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

Interesting game i gotta say, didn't expect that kind of ending tho.

Funny game to play, had fun getting into the story, and I really didn't expect the ending as well haha! Keep it up!

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I was seriously expecting this ending!

Thanks for the fun :D!

That was pretty funny lol! You got yourself a sub! Glad you liked it! ^^

Cool and disturbing. Really nice work with Affection. :)


Thanks man! I appreciate it! :D