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Hello! Are you planning on making a sequel? It's such a good and unique concept! I would love to play it!

THIS GAME IS VERY NICE! Greetings from Germany ^^

😱 I LOVE IT! <3

Very creepy and interesting game.

I played this game in my random 3 horror games video. Your game starts at 8:25. I really enjoyed this game I put my comments at the end of my video 

Happy Halloween! Your game begins at 48:00)

I have had the pleasure of playing another game of yours before ("Obsession"), and this earlier game surely did not disappoint. I am fast becoming a fan of your style, with slow buildups resulting in either an invitable outcome (as in Obsession) or a complete Shocking Swerve (like here). What a hellish situation to be in!

This game ended up inspiring me a fair bit for a futur little idea of mine, so thank you for that!

Sweet! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was a pleasure watching your playthrough. ;D

Interesting. I can't help but wonder if I missed anything. It seems like there is more to the story than what I saw... perhaps if I'd chosen different dialogue options? In any case, this was a neat point and click game, and the creature and implications at the end definitely gave it a sinister feeling!

Such a creapy game! Love it though!!

This is a pretty strange game.  Your game is the second one in this video.

bad game

Oh, so THAT's why it's called Affection.

well this was something ! I definitely wanna stay single forever now :D

Gave it a go...

I see you have a lot of people playing this already. That's awesome, this game was really well made!


This was a very enjoyable playthrough. I am humbled by all the feedback. Although I don't think you should check out my other game though lmao.

I did look and I'm gonna go ahead and wait for the next one. Hah.

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Hm. :x

Very well put together game! Wonderful build up! Have to agree about adding music at least. Other then that this game is pretty solid! Awesome job! 

This is a great game! There are something I feel like are missing though. However I can see potential in a game like this! The story was pretty easy to understand and the mechanics was very simple. In addition, I really like how this game runs on my computer with no issues/lag (my computer is trash). Add more jumpscares, some background music (so it's not just silence most of the time...) and more other stuff I can't think of at the moment. And BAM! You've got yourself a popular horror game! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

Interesting game i gotta say, didn't expect that kind of ending tho.

Funny game to play, had fun getting into the story, and I really didn't expect the ending as well haha! Keep it up!

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I was seriously expecting this ending!

Thanks for the fun :D!

That was pretty funny lol! You got yourself a sub! Glad you liked it! ^^

Cool and disturbing. Really nice work with Affection. :)


Thanks man! I appreciate it! :D