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Cast down as a village sacrifice for writing monster girl fanfics, you must navigate the perilous maze filled with monster girls!


MOUSE: Game is fully playable with the mouse!





Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(37 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsAdult, Dungeon Crawler, Hentai, Lewd, monster-girls, NSFW, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few seconds


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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bought it on steam great game but needs more



Couldnt beat the endboss. Tho neat little game


get a ton of fire scrolls and a lot of healing junk. it's endurance after that lol 

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Hot damn the ost is a banger
You also bang the girls too so thats count i guess




Beat the game in 20-30 mins, but it has fun mechanics and good art!


Purchased the game, and went to run it through virusTotal and got the "BScope.TrojanRansom.Convagent" on potential malicious for vba32. Thoughts?


Think antiviruses will flag any exes not on their list as trojans :I




Nice game! Reminds me of Desire Dungeon


No difficulty slider, RIP. Couldn't beat the Notso Fungi, I guess I don't get to experience the rest of the game.


Cute little game, I love how the dungeon looks. It's a bit ridiculous you can use the slime attacks to heal yourself though!


Wanted to buy but don't have paypal. Could you enable card payment :C?


shroom is hot af


What did you create this game with?



Did Noire misplace her sister once again?


Hehe yes, good catch. ;D


Short but well made! Smooth animations and good dungeon-crawling. Also liked the sound effects and battle themes! - 5/5

Any plans to do more?


On this game? No, will be working on other games tho! ^^


Is it possible to add card payment? Too many bad paypal experiences

Hey sorry not much I can do from my end, You can check out the gamejolt page, or check arcsharp's comment for a fix. It's a few comments down.


Review: A nice, simplistic dungeon crawler that offers about 20-30 minutes of gameplay featuring little more than half a dozen erotic animations upon victory. Combat is simple, involving a moving bar with a line that goes back and forth and requiring a input spacebar. The closer to the middle you manage to get, the more damage you do and less damage you take.

The dungeon 'floors' are small, decorated in a black and white aesthetic that's easy for the eyes, but featuring color for select enemy appearances. You can get through each Floor in about 2-4 minutes, even if you fully explore them.

The game is generous with gold for the shop, I highly recommend purchasing Fire Scrolls for the final boss, and stocking on potions. The 'heal' purchase is also incredibly handy, as it fully heals the protagonist on purchase, cheap to buy, only 5 gold.

After finishing the game, you are able to see all erotic animations with a gallery on the main menu.

For it's asking price of only $3 USD, it's cheap and worth its dollar for a quick game like this.

5/5 Rating.


Thanks for the generous review! I really appreciate it! ^^


Hey, just played the game (loved it) and I just want to say I found a bug with the most recent version. 

Once you have the armor, you can take hits without taking damage if you're right next to the dodge spot, but it actually heals the player. I think the armor can cause negative damage to happen and heal the player.

Not sure if you want to fix it, since it was useful for the final boss, but I thought I'd let you know.



Haha yeah I was aware of the exploit, and was wondering if anyone found it! Thought it was a fun lil thing ;d Thanks for playing! ^^

Hello !

Your game look great! Do you plan to publish a demo?



Game is pretty short as it is admittedly. So not likely sorry! ^^'

ok, thank you for answering !


Okay so

There's is a question - is there gonna be mobile build for this game? 


In all likelihood, no. I don't have any experience in it and the software I use doesn't support it. Sorry! ^^'


Okay, thanks for answering

Anyway goodluck with the game :D

the name of the game might make it harder to find in some places, it's a lovely unique look to behold!
but also have a similar name to an older game
"monster girl labyrinth" hopefully this one is gonna get popular enough to reach the top search results in no time :3

Thank you! ^^
I probably should've spent more time thinking up a more unique name, but it's what it is unfortunately! ^^'


Is it possible you could add a credit card option for payment?


Hey sorry I'm not too familiar with how this site works so if it's on my end I'll try to fix it. But for now you can just try downloading through gamejolt that appears to allow it. Thanks! ^^

Monster Girl's Labyrinth by Asephy - Game Jolt

Thanks for the reply but I personally don't like gamejolt just because I find their storefront messy and unorganized. I did however manage to buy it here as paypal offers a guest checkout with credit cards which I was not aware of until now.

Other than that is there a way to fullscreen this game? I don't mean just maximizing the window but fullscreen like no window header.

Glad you found a way, but I didn't implement that. Sorry! ^^


Hoy, how did you get the option to pay as a guest? The only options offered to me by paypal are “login” or “create an account”.

Pode trazer uma versão para Android?

No android version I'm afraid, sorry!

Howdy! I really enjoyed your monster girls labyrinth!

I love mimic and master^~(Of course every girl really lovely!)

Nicely done! Keep it up!

I got crashed the game client when lost all HP.(yes, Gameover scene. plz check this screenshot)

and I can through the wall around "monument #2". Is this easter egg or bug?

Thank you for reading. I'm really enjoyed your games, I hope your new game making well!!

P.S. If you got interested in Japanese translation, please call freely. I can do some works. (Ah, when I'm not so busy period ya)

Thank you for the feedback! ^^

The glitch with death has been fixed and the walk through walls in that room.  Thanks for catching that! 

As for the translation, sure! I'll dm you sometime!