A downloadable game for Windows

S   T   O   R   Y

After a nightmare, Eli wakes up to find his fiance missing.  To follow her trail, he finds himself navigating an uncertain future. A future being hammered out between competing visions while he deals with visions of his own.

C   O   N   T   E   N   T

VIRMACHINA contains blood, gore, and coarse language. Player discretion advised.

C    O    N   T   R   O   L   S

Left mouse button to walk/interact
Right mouse button to look/examine
Esc to open the pause menu
Inventory screen at the top of the screen
Hint: Check your phone for objectives!

C   R   E   D   I   T   S

Art & Programming:
Sound & Writing:
fia glas



Development log


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Loved this game, some really great writing.  Would love a really fleshed out version of this story.  Great work guys.

Thanks! That credit goes to fia glas! ;D

Glad you enjoyed the game!

Not sure if I missed something but if I didn't OMG, what happened to Iva? :) 

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Oh there's more to the story you can escape the monster! just know that double clicking in the same place stops you so it slows you down.

Deleted 238 days ago

So all I had to do is click once on the door? Pfft... 

yeah lol