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A management/ visual novel lewd femboy game.

Start a new job as a femboy serving burgers -among other things! :y

Entirely mouse based. Little bit of space bar lol.

WARNING: Contains sensitive content that may disturbing to some

Including: sexual content, ugly bastard, rape 

(Note: If you're having issues with Windows 11 compatibility allow for untrusted application installations in your security setting in the Windows 11 settings)

Updated 24 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(139 total ratings)
AuthorsAsephy, 15 Saint Germ
GenreInteractive Fiction, Role Playing, Visual Novel
Tags2D, Adult, Anime, femboy, Hentai, Management, NSFW
Average sessionA few seconds


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Femboy Burgers_EarlyAccess_v0.3.2.zip 208 MB

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How many special services are available currently in the game?


Only one as of now! ^^' There are some scenes story wise though


Created an alt to comment this:

Hearing papa's burgeria's soundtrack while playing this is a whole new experience.

I attempted to purchase the game but my card got declined and said that I had to submit a captcha but after I completed it and the purchase seemingly went through I never got the file(s) and it still took my money

Sorry to hear that, if you haven't already tried these solutions please give them a go. How to access your purchase - itch.io Let me know if it doesn't work, and I'll work something out.

I tried those methods of fixing it and they haven't worked

Ah I see. Please give me an email I can use to privately contact you with.

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there are errors when interacting with anything (only happens in demo save files)

hay errores al interactuar con cualquier cosa (solo pasa en los archivos guardados de la demo)


i wish there is android or steam version beacuse i don't have fucking credit card only bank card


You know? A android version sounds nice.


for some reason it says code error when i try to interact with some things



I discovered a possible bug:

Sometimes when you skip the special service, some pictures are still showing and disturb you when you making burgers.

Also when you talk to Elis about cats he'll talk about birds.

Also I feel like that the sound of putting meat is opposite to that of putting tomato. The sound of meat sounds like cutting something and the sound of tomato sounds like squeezing sauce.


I discovered another possible bug:
If your Charisma is three or higher, you do not get the blowjob service scene anymore. It's always handjob service.

Also the cheeseburger introduction is repeated sometimes.


Thank you! ^^ 
I will look into these issue for the next patch!


We need steam!!!


I hope it comes out on steam to support you!

windows 11 issue, it says this app cant run on your pc and there is no compatibility option for windows 10, Resulting in the game unplayable on windows 11 builds

(1 edit)

Not sure I can do anything about it on my end that'd be on GamemakerStudio's part.
Run Older Programs in Compatibility Mode in Windows 11/10 (online-tech-tips.com)
if you've tried everything here, and it still doesn't work I'll put a warning on the game page. Thank you! ^^

Yeah that was the problem. If you do set a warning on the page atleast leave my temporary fix method till you fix it on your own. Go to security and services on windows 11 settings. Click on for developers, enable allow untrusted application installations. And try running the game then


Pretty cute game, I'll make this my irresponsible purchase of the day. Shut up and take my money.


Can i pay with debit card?


You can now, haha
I realized I had setup a  payment system that was kinda wack but you should be able to now.

Thanks you !


I realy wait this game in steam. I doesnt want buy this game on itch...

Some russian here who played early access?

Hi, I got a problem with the no.6 big'n'thicc burger. I make it according to the recipe: three patties, one tomato slice and one lettuce leaf but the customer doesn't recognize it as correct.

(1 edit)

Oh sorry about that! That was an oversight in the sprite creation! it should be 4x burger, 3x lettuce and 3x tomatoe! Thank you for the bug report it'll be fixed in the next patch! ^^

(1 edit)

My pleasure, but damn that's a heck of a burger. XD

And thank you for replying so soon!

(1 edit) (+5)(-1)

if this game was on steam I would buy it in a instant, unfortunately I don't put bank or even credit cards on sites like this one and even gamejolt, love the sites but I prefer to buy my games on steam and GOG, I trust them more 


I understand, I plan on releasing on steam when it's fully completed! ^^


I look forward to it, really enjoyed hentai quest and I look forward to see how this game turns out

Please include steam deck glyphs so it can be verified as well!


Love the v2 Demo! If this continues to develop this way, I'm super hyped for future releases! Elis is already set as best boi!


This game is awesome! I would love to support this Game but right now I'm broke and just able to play the demo over and over again :,(


Hey, will this also be released for Mac?

I like this game! I'm waiting for the full version!


сделайте это игрой для андроид


Can you make it for Android?


when I download it, it says its version 0.2, but when I open the game it says 0.1 and has all the stuff 0.1 has but not .2

same happend to me to!

And to me!!! :((((((((((((((((


Show post...

Y'all need Jesus and I aint even religious.


Go to church and stay there. =3


the idea of a bunch of priest fucking a kid is real and this people tell me to go to church xD and find jesus.. really.. wtf xD (i reply here cuz cant reply to his post


good game... need more


You got me at the "ugly bastard" warning

Deleted 67 days ago

Join the russian military! Not sure whether its gonna help but everyone gonna call ya gai


No,you can Join the  American military!


Talk about a stressful work environment!


is there a full version of this game?


no, the full version is being worked on


Is there any form of monetary support for you to work on this game? I loved


I gotta say, I've never seen nor played this game, but I would like to point out, that this dev is a champ. Releasing bi-weekly updates for so long and keeping at this game is amazing. I understand this is a ton of work as I am trying to make something myself, but I would just like to point out how much of a champ this person is for making it. Thank you so much and I hope you get to read this.

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btw small bug report. the walking animation for the player spirts eyes turn red whilst the default standing animation has black eyes(in the house, femboy burger's location, and the travel screen) other wise this is one of the best games i've ever played.


Lol when Elis said the 2 creeps knew the manager I instantly thought "wait if they know the manager maybe I could ask them to give the manager a good word about me so I could get a raise-"

And second thing is I liked the lewd scene but somehow I felt hurt-....I think it's because I don't get to see what happens next and is very worried about Elis ;w;

This game is very fun to play, and has such a cute art, I really loved it! I'm eager to play the full game!!


It would be beautiful and would apply the sense of diversity in terms of content you choosing as you already have some "darker" content in the game, so it would be great to add some fluff one. In tearms of which, i suggest to you to think about implementing the feature of involving in romance with the characters with multiply layers of affections, which you can increase or decrease by talking, helping them with work (work their shift) and etc. Even more fluffier would be an option to move in with the character which affection with you is maxed(in your home though).  If that so, i  see myself simply launching the game, going in the home and chilling to a music and a two pretty femboys in there.  Speaking simplier, you can add some love interests at work and outside in the city in future locations. (maybe add a feature to live and do somethings together more that with one if both their affections are maxed out, but that's my poligamy nature just speaking, your choice, boss). That's all for now, but i have many other ideas in mind, and if you interested, i can tell you about them. Completely free, of course, because i am very interested and inspired in your game. (It's nice, by the way ^_^) so simply provide me with any method of contacting you which will be convenient for you in a response to this comment, and i will write you more. 

Love your game,


If you ever got enough requests for a mobile port would you consider learning how to port it?

No, but I'd consider it after I release a full version. ^^

Your game (Femboy Burgers ) looks amazing! Can I make a video playing it? I will add where it can be bought  and your Patreon ^^(knowing that I post it on porn website and get some ad revenue from my videos) thanks for reading me!

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really damn good game, cute characters, the end of the demo was a little dodgy but im a sucker for an animated scene so i dont really care too much

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