A downloadable game for Windows

A short point and click horror game for SCREAMCITY game jam.   Game contains blood and gore that some may find disturbing. Also coarse language and stuff like that. :p

Edit: Whoops! Forgot to credit the menu music and has added it to the credits.(It's Nebula-Myuu btw)


Mouse for all Actions. Upper portion of screen shows all available actions(Also pauses game). You can use the mouse wheel to scroll between actions aswell. Alt+Enter to Exit full screen(full-screen seems to cause some issues, use at own risk). If you find the cursor is not working you may need to alt tab to  another window and then back to the game.

Also thing I changed from the last game is that now the speech is no longer timer based so you click or press something on your keyboard to continue it.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Tags2D, Experimental, Horror, Pixel Art, Point & Click


Obsession_1.0.3.rar 43 MB

Install instructions

Just download and click on the Obsession.lnk. If you go into Windows folder there is a winsetup.exe for additional options.

Development log


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Very good game although I must say, would’ve been way more satisfying if we got to sl*t-shame and murder the cheating partner XD.

I almost felt bad for Katherine tbh


This is a very well done game! I just wish there's another option to save Alice and Kathrine. kind of like a good ending... but.. it still has the feels though! 

I just recently came across your games and decided to give this one a try. I really liked the old-school graphic style of the game along with the disturbing story of Alice. Obsession is a great short horror experience and I'm looking forward to checking out your other work.


Really great game. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

Big thank you for letting me play and showcase this game. I played another game of yours that you are working on too. Becoming a fan of your work 

Ayy thanks! Thanks for playing! That was a fun play through!

Found this game a little bit ago and finally gave it a whack.

A simple, spooky little story (despite one moment I couldn't help but chortle at) that does its job wonderfully. The art style is oddly fitting for it, gangly and unnerving while still being bright and pretty.

If anything, maybe simplify the menu for such a short experience. The moment I saw the player menu, I thought it was going to be a much, much longer and more complicated affair. I understand this is likely made in an engine for this type of game, but just seems like that minor part could be streamlined.

That's hardly a big complaint, however, just a little thing I noticed. Wonderful game!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! You're correct the UI is an effect of engine as well as my laziness. =w=

I love these games! I remember playing a similar game before however I forgot the name of it. This is a pretty good game! I would definitely recommend others to try it out. I am glad my crappy computer is able to run games like these! It's simple with decent content and gameplay. I would like it if there would be more jumpscare though. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

You might be thinking of the chzo mythos games.
Also I've made another game if you're interested.


This game was SUPER COOL! I love Point-and-Click horror adventure games and this one hit the spot. Especially with the music used, I legit felt uncomfortable playing lol. Super well done!

Made another point and click game! check it out if you're interested! https://asephy.itch.io/virmachina

Creepy point and click horror game! Loved Affection and Obsession does not disappoint!

Glad you liked my previous games! I made another one in a collab! check it out!

monster design was good. i liked the minimalist style of the game. 

This was good! I found it genially creepy!

Great Game ! I still don't know what the hell happened though !

 I really enjoyed it !

Here's my full gameplay ( a kinda chill gameplay ! :D)

Hey I was wondering if you could check my game out. I just recently published it officially.  I would greatly appreciate it. Here's the link: https://jankogames.itch.io/the-asylum

will do !

sorry for the late replay. I wasn't here :D

Thanks for your suggestion :)

That's ok, I'm glad to here a reveiw from a youtuber.

This was a good play. Really enjoyed it and the monster design was fantastic considering the medium you were using. I hope you enjoy my video on the game :)

SKIP TO 9:14!!!

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Made another one!


Thanks for hitting me up!


np, hope you enjoy it!

Really great game. I didn't fully understand the story, but i think i got the general idea of it.

Game had some nice spooks, rly loved the atmosphere and the monster.

The suitcases were a nice touch :)

Good job!

hey man! Thought I tell you that I made another point and click game if you're interested! https://asephy.itch.io/virmachina

Shared my thoughts here, great game! Thanks for doing the Scream Jam!

Another cool and freaky project, nice work! I do have questions though.. what happened to the fiance? 


That... That's part of the mystery. B)
But let's just say, he met an unfortunate end.

He was poisoned! Alice's... first victim? :)

Could be.. Could be...

Got another game, if you're interested!

Oh, yeah, downloading it now. Thanks for telling me. :) 


Nice! Hope you like it!